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Adult Yoga Classes

I have a selection of yoga classes available, tailored to the individual adult or group, ranging in various abilities.



Go with the flow

In vinyasa yoga, each movement is synchronized with a breath. The breath is given primacy, acting as an anchor as you move from one pose to the next.

Vinyasa yoga is excellent for your health. Not only does it keep you active, but it reduces stress, is accessible for many fitness levels, and improves heart health.

Research shows that vinyasa yoga reduces arterial stiffness that occurs with age, a significant factor in improving heart health and reducing risks of high blood pressure. Vinyasa yoga also helps lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels and improves mood.

Vinyasa yoga has also been shown to improve positive emotional ratings over negative ones. This measure demonstrates the ability of Vinyasa yoga to reduce risks of anxiety and depression. Further research shows vinyasa yoga helps people relax and increases their ability to handle stress.

Yin Yoga

Annnd relax


Yin yoga is a gentle form of yoga that’s cooling, grounding, and nurturing. Holding poses for longer periods encourages stillness so you can go inward.

This style is suitable for people who are new to yoga or want to balance intense workouts. It’s also great for people who have health concerns or injuries that require low intensity activities.

Myofascial Release Therapy


Does your body always feel tight or sore? Are your neck, shoulders, back and even your head screaming for relief? If you’ve been looking for ways to ease the pain? Myofascial release (MFR) might be the answer. 


This bodywork technique involves applying pressure to tight or sore areas to get them to relax. The pressure is applied with the help of a massage ball, whilst practising yin postures. These techniques combined work together to give the best benefits to body and mind. 


Classes, group sessions and one to one MFR therapy sessions available. 

You can find me teaching at various locations in and around Yorkshire. Private and group sessions available. Enquire now to find out more.

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